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I am looking for trades wit any Bootlegs from tindersticks´ performances in any kind of media type (cd, md, tape, video, mp3, etc), which are currently not yet listed in my trading pages lists (click on the cassette picture above) will be highly considered for trading - I do at the moment only some selected trades - For normal trades or if you are new to tindersticks bootlegs topic, i would advise you to visit and join the tinderbootlegs mailinglist (link and info on the left side).

I am looking forward to your tinderticks recordings and our potential trade activity

contact me this way:

please send your tindersticks related requests directly to this email :



please include the words tigerrabbit and/or tindersticks and/or non-profit tindersticks live recording in the mail-subject-line, because otherwise it might be filtered off from my mail-filter, esp. when your mail is only called Hi, Hello,Re: et al. or has a topic that is not interesting enough to me to be looked further into or looks like email-spam !!!

or use this email-adress from this stamp:

subsite has been formerly known as Tigerrabbit´s site (the tigerrabbit.de url is not active anymore). These pages have now been merged together and are now dedicated to the information on non-profit recordings of tindersticks live sets & other excellent tindersticks´ related fan-items like live-audience recordinds & soundboard recordings, FM radio broadcast recordings, internet webstreams, TV-videotapes and other rare studio-demos & all kinds of other released promotional Items.

most wanted shows:

  1. Video (VHS or DV/DVD) recordings of any live performances on TV or on tour ( esp.: Barbican - London 2006)

  2. any soundboard quality recordings of shows i have in audience quality listed

  3. all Asphalt Ribbons bootlegs (if there are any out - haven´t seen or listened to any yet ;-)

  4. a complete recording of the POPKOMM´99 concert on 18.9.99 in Cologne - E-Werk

  5. early 1993/94 concerts from their first tour and/or the support tour for nick cave

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tindersticks - live music / audio-video bootlegs discussion group

This is a private, non-public and non-profite discussion group which deals with all aspects of the live beauty of the music of the band "tindersticks"

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