the tindersticks time-travelling machine

Welcome to my tindersticks time machine. You are invited to visit the history of tindersticks in the web. Some of the very early sites have been vanished from the internet by now, but there content, style and information content has been archived.

Check out the individual sites and their archived versions and enjoy the development of these websites.

If you like to search a little bit deeper in the archives, please use also this link

and the urls you want to look-up :

Official tindersticks homepage www.tindersticks.co.uk in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 1999 untill today - LINK

„For Those ...“ - The first-ever Unofficial tindersticks fan homepage huizen.dds.nl/~totos/newtinder.htm in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 1998 untill 2001 - LINK

huizen.dds.nl/~totos/newtinder.htm was the first tindersticks fansite in the web, maintained by

Kirill Korneev. The page went offline end/2001. The versions beyond that date are invalid.

archived version from 1999 - represents status of site in 1998, first archived version, most complete archive of this site

Jan Imgrund‘s unofficial tindersticks fan homepage tinder.org in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 2001 untill 2006 - LINK

Jan Imgrund´s tindersticks information collection, including lyrics, discography, and more. The page was always are very reliable source for tindersticks news and information.

In 2004 Jan and Lara Andre restyled the page. After technical problems with the domain, tinder.org ceased end of 2006. The versions beyond that date are invalid.

The content has then transferred to the new domain www.tinder.info .

first archived version from January, 24th, 2001

notes: Jan´s first archived, tinder.org domain page, incomplete, some pictures, subpages are missing

archived version from June, 23rd 2003

notes: complete version of Jan´s site

archived version from October, 4th 2006

notes: last, complete version of Jan´s and Lara´s (since 2004) site

Nathan Hemmelgarn‘s unofficial tindersticks fan homepage http://www.geocities.com/hemmelbl/tindersticks.html  and tindergigs.com in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 2004 untill 2009 - LINK1 & LINK2

tindergigs.com started by Nathan Hemmelgarn in 2001/2002 and resulted from his bootleg information page, known as http://www.geocities.com/hemmelbl/tindersticks.html . In 2004 Nathan and Lara restyled the page, and tindergigs.com as a resource for information about all played live gigs was born.

last updated version (2003) of Nathan´s´initial site , archived from 2009

My tigerrabbit pages -  http://members.tripod.de/tindersticks/ and later the domain www.tigerrabbit.de in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 2001 untill 2008 - LINK1 & LINK2

I started the project in the end of 2000. Displaying and collecting all acessable information about tindersticks live recordings. Initially this site was known and relinked on the official tindersticks homepage as http://members.tripod.de/tindersticks/ The site was merged with tindersticks.de then in 2008.

1st archived version from May, 18th 2001

notes: incomplete version, missing pictures, missing java applets, etc

oldest, complete rebuild version from December, 8th 2002

notes: complete version of the tigerrabbit information site; the data was rebuild from archived published material and existing html artefacts

Dustbin & Exclusively for Arseholes - Page

rebuild version from March 2001

notes: complete version of the information site for the fan-based non-profit compilations Dustbin and Exclusively for Arseholes; original site originated from mid/end 2000

direct link Dustbin

direct link Exclusively for Arseholes

My tindersticks.de pages -  the roots of this page in the time-machine:

Search & Dig the archive for captures from 2002 untill today - LINK

I started the www.tindersticks.de website project in the end of 2002. Merging together some of my tindersticks-related fanpages (especially tigerrabbits bootleg trading pages). First version were a bit flash-rich ;)

1st archived version from 2003

notes: announcement page

archived version from July, 30th 2004

notes: first complete flash version, including tinderinfos, tinderpictures, tinderfestivals and tinderrecordings

Have fun travelling the tinder time-machine back in time !