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Links to alternate projects / bands

of the individual (former) tindersticks band members can be found here:

4AD record label (UK)

here‘s  the 4AD artist website

Stuart A. Staples

the website about his solo records and other music projects

Dickon Hinchliffe

the website about his solo records and soundtracks  projects

Alasdair Macaulay

his solo records and other band projects (3head)

Neil Fraser

his website & phototblog

David Boulter

his other music projects (e.g. songs for the

young at heart)

Mark Colwill

(no information available at the moment)

the official tindersticks

band homepage

official tindersticks - facebook

official tindersticks - twitter

Constellation (US)

here‘s  the Constellation artist website


the tindersticks wikipedia article

tindergigs.com (expired)

Nathan‘s and Lara‘s former website about all tindersticks live gigs is now part of the official tindersticks website


mailinglists about tindersticks live bootlegs

yahoogroups          -           facebook

disclaimer  -

official tindersticks - myspace

other expired websites can be discovered here at :