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The band Tindersticks has been formed in late 1991, Staples, Boulter, Fraser, Macauley and Hinchcliffe having been previously members of a Nottingham based band, called Asphalt Ribbons. The final band line-up for the "old horse" mini-LP (1991) was:

Stuart Staples (vocals) -Dave Boulter (organ & accordion) - Neil Fraser (guitar) - Dickon Hinchliffe (Guitar & strings) - Alasdair Macauley (percussion & drums) and John Thompson (bass).

Mark Colwill was recruited when John Thompson left the Asphalt Ribbons. Then they changed their name to Tindersticks after Stuart A. Staples discovered a box of german matches on a Greek beach.

Tindersticks started then recording demo tapes in 1992, and were then signed by Tippy Toe Records. Where they released their first vinyl 7-inch single, "Patchwork", in 1992.

Their self-titled first and second albums established their signature sound and received widespread critical acclaim. Their live performances, often augmented by large string sections and even, on occasion, a full orchestra, were rapturously received. The live album Bloomsbury Theatre 12.3.95 is a recording of one such concert.

By the time of the third album, Curtains, however, it was clear that a change of direction was called for. The lengthy "Ballad of Tindersticks" was a weary swipe at the pressures of being a touring band.

The fourth album, Simple Pleasure, lived up to its title with a series of snappy, direct songs influenced by soul music. The female backing vocals on several tracks, and the respectful cover of Odyssey's "If You're Looking For A Way Out", signalled the band's wish to move towards lighter, more soulful material.

The fifth album, Can Our Love, continued the band's soulful direction, in particular evidence on the tender "Sweet Release" and in the nod to the Chi-Lites in the title of "Chilitetime".

The sixth album, Waiting For The Moon, was more stripped down and introspective in nature, particularly on the harrowing "4.48 Psychosis" and "Sometimes It Hurts". Only the bouncy "Just A Dog" lightened the otherwise melancholy mood of the album.

In September 2006, the band played a one-off concert at London's Barbican Centre, performing their second album in full with a nine-member string section and two brass players, including former collaborator Terry Edwards on trumpet. Staples later acknowledged that this show, while being a happy triumph, was also "tinged with sadness of the knowledge that the six of us had made all the new music we were going to make together."

Thereafter Stuart A. Staples released two solo albums („Lucky Dog Recordings 03-04“ and „Leaving Songs“) under his name with the help of D.Boulter and N.Fraser and toured in 2006 and early 2007 with guest musicians.

In late 2007, a stripped-down line-up of three of the original band members, Staples, Boulter and Fraser, spent time together writing and recording a new album, The Hungry Saw, which was then released again under the old band name tindersticks in April 2008. Terry Edwards, Andy Nice and Dan McKinna and Thomas Belhom were added as supporting band members on the studio and live performances.

In 2010, the 8th album, Falling Down a Mountain was released on a new record label - 4AD / Constellation records. The band line-up was again changed. Thomas Belhom left the band and was replaced by Earl Harvin on drums. David Kitt on guitar and vocals also joined the band at the same time.

2011/2012 marked their 20th anniversary of the band (with a short solo phase around 2005-2007). In Spring 2011 they released a box set of all O.S.T. work for films of french director Claire Denis.

In February 2012 the 9th studio album, The Something Rain, was released. The following tours in spring, summer (festival concerts) and autumn, showed the band now touring in their again reduced 5-member core line-up (Stuart Staples, David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Dan McKinna and Earl Harvin), supported at selected gigs by Terry Edwards on horns.

In October 2013, after missing the band‘s 20th anniversary the years before, the band released their 10th studio album, the retrospective Across Six Leap Years, with re-recorded 10 songs from their back-catalog and from Stuart A. Staples solo album period. In the Fall 2013 they toured several european capital cities in their A6LY anniversary tour, supported by Terry Edwards on saxophone & horns and Gina Foster on backing vocals.

In January 2016 the 11th studio album The Waiting Room was released & the band began touring with selected concerts set up as CINE concerts with the films from the waiting room project DVD screened in the background on stage while the band played the songs of the album in full live.

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band members (1991-2006):

Stuart Ashton Staples

14 November 1965

voice, guitar, melodica

Dickon James Hinchliffe

9 July 1967

violin, guitar, voice, piano, string/brass arrangements

David Leonard Boulter

27 February 1965

keyboards, percussion

Neil Thimothy Fraser

22 November 1962

lead guitar, vibraphone

Mark Andrew Colwill

12 May 1960

bass guitar

Alasdair Robert de Villeneuve Macaulay

2 August 1965

drums, percussion, trumpet

band members (since 2008):

Stuart A. Staples, David Boulter and

Neil Fraser as core members

current core line-up includes also:

Dan McKinna (bass, vocals) and

Earl Harvin (drums)

former band members included:

Thomas Belhom (drums, 2008-2009), David Kitt (guitar, vocals, 2009-2010)

and the following supporting studio & tour guest members:

Terry Edwards (trumpet, saxophone), Andy Nice (cello, saxophone) and

Julian Siegel (brass, saxophone, 2016), Thomas Belhom (drums & percussion, 2017)

album discography (1991-2016):

Tindersticks (1st)


Nectar, (Fruitless*), Tyed, Sweet, Sweet Man Pt One, Whiskey & Water, Blood, City Sickness, Patchwork, Marbles, The Walt Blues, Milky Teeth, Sweet, Sweet Man Pt Two, Jism, Piano Song, Tie-Dye, Raindrops, Sweet, Sweet Man Pt Three, Her, Tea Stain, Drunk Tank, Paco De Renaldo's Dream, The Not Knowing

Tindersticks (2nd)


El Diablo En El Ojo, A Night In, My Sister, Tiny Tears, Snowy in F# Minor, Seaweed, Vertrauen II, Talk To Me, No More Affairs, Singing, Travelling Light, Cherry Blossoms, She's Gone, Mistakes, Vertrauen III, Sleepy Song



Another Night In, Rented Rooms, Don’t Look Down, Dick's Slow Song, Fast One, Ballad Of Tindersticks, Dancing, Lets Pretend, Desperate Man, Buried Bones, Bearsuit, (Tonight) Are You Trying To Fall In Love Again?, I Was Your Man, Bathtime, Walking, (A Marriage Made In Heaven*)

Simple Pleasure


Can We Start Again?, If You're Looking For A Way Out, Pretty Words, From The Inside, If She's Torn, Before You Close Your Eyes, (You Take) This Heart Of Mine, I Know That Loving,

CF GF, (One Way Street*)

Can our Love


Dying Slowly, People Keep Comin' Around, Tricklin', Can Our Love..., Sweet Release, Don't Ever Get Tired, No Man in the World, Chilitetime

Waiting for the Moon


Until the Morning Comes, Say Good Bye To the City, Sweet Memory, 4.48 Psychosis, Waiting for the Moon, Trying to Find a Home, Sometimes it Hurts, My Oblivion, Just A Dog, Running Wild

Stuart A. Staples (Solo)

lucky dog recordings 03-04


Somerset House, Marseilles Sunshine, Say Something Now, Friday Night, Shame On You, Untitled, Dark Days, People Fall Down,

She Don’t Have To Be Good To Me, I’ve Come A Long Way

Stuart A. Staples (Solo)

Leaving Songs


Goodbye To Old Friends, There Is A Path, Which Way The Wind, This Roady Is Long, One More Time, Dance With An Old Man, That Leaving Feeling, Already Gone, This Old Town, Pulling In To The Sea

The Hungry Saw


Introduction, Yesterdays Tomorrows, The Flicker Of A Little Girl, Come Feel The Sun,E-Type,  The Other Side Of The World, The Organist Entertains, The Hungry Saw, Mother Dear, Boobar Come Back To Me, All The Love, The Turns We Took

Falling Down a Mountain


Falling Down A Mountain,  Keep You Beautiful, Harmony Around My Table, Peanuts, She Rode Me Down, Hubbards Hills, Black Smoke, No Place So Alone, Factory Girls, Piano Music

The Something Rain


Chocolate, Show Me Everything, This Fire Of Autumn, A Night So Still, Slippin‘ Shoes, Medicine, Frozen, Come Inside, Goodbye Joe

Across Six Leap Years


Friday Night, Marseilles Sunshine, She‘s Gone, Dying Slowly, If You‘re Looking for a way out, Say Goodbye to the City, Sleepy Song, A Night In, I Know That Loving, What Are you Fighting For?

The Waiting Room


Follow Me, Second Chance Man, Were We Once Lovers?, Help Youself, Hey Lucinda, This Fear Of Emptiness, How He Entered, The Waiting Room, Planting Holes, We Are Dreamers! , Like Only Lovers Can

(* The limited edition includes a DVD with a film project: for each song)

Minute Bodies



  1. *only available on special album editions


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