the tindersticks anniversary festivals


Here you can find some collected information (especially pictures, setlists, reviews)
about the 2 official tindersticks anniversary festivals, held by the band, the ICA festival in 1996 (5th anniversary), the Botanique festival in 2001 (10th anniversary), the one-off Barbican 2006 masterpiece-concert (unofficial 15th anniversary) and the „Across Six Leap Years“ 2013 tour (official 20th / 21st / 22nd anniversary*).


ICA Festival 1996

(official 5th band anniversary)


“... At London's ICA in November [1996], Tindersticks played on five consecutive nights, each with a different set list and each with it's own unique flavour. There was an acoustic night, the "strings" night, the hangover night, the apology-for-last-night night... Over the course of the five evenings, the band had played almost every song they had ever recorded.

By the end, even the Tindersticks themselves - not easy people to impress - felt that something genuinely positive had occured.”

Botanique Festival 2001

(official 10th band anniversary)


The band took over the Botanique completely in Brussels for four days in May 2001 for a special festival and celebration of all things Tindersticks were.

During the week the whole of the building has been taken over by the band and transformed in their own unique style. The band played a completely different set every night with special guest bands and dj’s that the band had personally picked and a lot of other special events, that have not be repeated since then.

London - Barbican 2006

(unofficial 15th band anniversary)


Tindersticks played a one-off concert at London's Barbican Centre, performing their second album in full setlist with a nine-member string section and two brass players. This concert marked also the end of the band in their 15 year original line-up. Stuart A. Staples acknowledged that this show, while being a great sucess and a happy triumph, was also "tinged with sadness of the knowledge that the six of us had made all the new music we were going to make together."

The „Across Six Leap Years“ Tour 2013 

(official 20th / 21st or 22nd band anniversary*)

20.10. - 02.11.2013

Tindersticks celebrated a special tour in european capital cities after releasing their re-recorded songs album „Across Six Leap Years“, publishing the Book „Singing Skies“ and performing special exhibition aoustic gigs to celebrate their 20th/21st/22nd anniversary*.

* depending on different year calculation (band formation, first played gig or 1st single/album release date)