the tindersticks in the original band line-up from 1991 to 2006

The original lineup - „the six of us“

taken from the original Lola de music 1999 TV documentary (rearranged and edited b/w version 04/2008)


Stuart Ashton Staples

14 November 1965

voice, guitar, melodica

Dickon James Hinchliffe

9 July 1967

violin, guitar, voice, piano, string/brass arrangements

David Leonard Boulter

27 February 1965

keyboards, percussion

Neil Thimothy Fraser

22 November 1962

lead guitar, vibraphone

Mark Andrew Colwill

12 May 1960

bass guitar

Alasdair Robert de Villeneuve Macaulay

2 August 1965

drums, percussion, trumpet